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Wendy Williams Son Arrested for Beating the Bricks of his Daddy!



By now we all know about the decade old drama that surrounds Wendy Williams and her now soon to be ex husband Kevin Hunter. As if spending years cheating and funding the lifestyle of a mistress just around the corner from your home isn’t enough, it all came to a head when Big Kevin’s long time mistress gave birth to their baby.

Well allegedly Kevin Jr isn’t here for daddy’s antics either because this morning he put them  paws on em!

It all allegedly happened when Wendy dropped little Kevin off at their home at around 12am to pick something up. When he arrived at the home he ran into his dad, and they chopped it up for awhile before deciding to go to a store near the home.

Well allegedly while there, Big Kev said some things about Wendy “brainwashing” Little Kev and made comments about how Kevin Jr should be making his own mark in the industry and finding his own way without Wendy’s handouts. 

Little Kevin didn’t appreciate his fathers words cause things went from zero to a hundred reallll quick and Kevin Sn somehow ended up in a scuffle and Kevin Jr help up in a headlock, Kevin Jr allegedly punched his father in the nose to break his hold! 

While Kevin Sn says he has no intention to press charges on his son, that didn’t stop the police from arresting Kevin Jr on assault charges. 

Talk about family drama! But honestly Kevin Jr definitely had a right to be mad at his dad trying to talk to him about not taking “handouts” from Wendy,when he’s still not happy with the initial 10 million dollar payday he was set to get in the divorce! 

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