Why We Need To Be Over Harambe’s Baby Draggin’ Ass Already

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First of all, I think it’s important to start this off by saying, animals are beautiful creatures with feelings and emotions and “rights” and shit so don’t take this the wrong way, cause I get that Harambe just celebrated his 17th birfday and he was one of god’s and whatnot.


Now that I have paid my respeck to Harambe, let me put my social media fake feels aside. When I initially read reports about some gorilla that was shot after a small child entered his enclosure, I thought ‘thank goodness the child is safe.’ Hours later my Facebook feed was filled with video clips and posts about the incident, and much to my surprise most people were on the gorilla’s side.

Apprarently animal activists have been doing the most as usual, and of course wannabe perfect parents everywhere are dragging the parents of this lil boy to hell in the threads. Basically it seems that everyone is more focused on bashing the parents for neglect and taking a stand for “Harambe” than actually taking into account the reality of the situation that was presented to the zoo.

Yes, we all know that if it was YOUR child, you would have never ever ever ever have taken your eyes off of your child to check on your other children while at the zoo. Hell you would have them all holding hands buddy system style, whiles taking head counts every 20 seconds because you are world’s most attentive parent.

Yes, if some neglectful parent lets their child out of their sight for 20 seconds and he ends up jumping in a gorilla enclosure and getting dragged from end to end by a “concerned” gorilla trying to “protect” him, that’s on them! It makes perfect sense to not shoot the animal because after all it’s the parents fault, that’s Harambe’s child now! Don’t shoot the gorilla, hope for the best, right? Wrong. 

Even after zoo keepers weighed in on the situation and put speculations to bed, by adding that using tranquilizers may not have been the best option because they tend to take longer to imobilize a gorilla than expected, often times irritate animals and could possibly result in an injured or dead child, the Internet aka white people, continued to insist that Harambe’s death was senseless and the parents are at fault.

Really Bitch?

Cause White People Now investigations are showing that the boy’s father had a long criminal record (because that matters )  while people are turning Harambe into the next Mike Brown, making offensive comparisons to this gorilla and the countless black men and women that are murdered by police.

I was able to cackle for about 5 seconds before I was over it altogether, not only do I not give a fuck about Harambe and his mock #blacklivesmatter treatment, but I am offended and appalled by the way we are dragging the parents of this young boy while saying that the gorilla is the real victim here.

While I do understand that animal activists have a job to do, what I won’t do is sit here and entertain the idea that this child’s life is not more important than an animal. Also, most of the people sitting on their high horses, and judging the parents for neglect, while stanning for Harambe, are not also against the enslavement of animals that are captured and ripped from their natural habitat and placed in zoos.


When did we become more protective of animals than the safety of children?

I am beyond over it, and I can honestly say fuck Harambe! If my child was in danger (even if it was a result of my own momentary negligence) I would hope that my child’s life or any child’s life, and safety would come first, if it was an adult I would feel just as strongly! Much like the way my big sister Lauryn Hill feels about paying taxes, and showing up for her performances, my energy is simply not aligning with the time to care about Harambe.

Lastly, the mock black lives matter memes are not what has turned this into a race issue. This is a race issue because if the family was not black the criminal background and neglect would not be the focus of the story. If we are going to make a joke of this, we need to at least look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves why this child’s life is less important than a gorilla. More importantly why do I know the gorilla’s name and not the name of the family being criticized?

Think about it

What would you do if this was your child? Would you let Harambe babysit your child, dragging him by his arms and legs,while the zoo came up with a harmless escape plan? Or would you want your child rescued by any means necessary? After watching the extended video, I personally wanted to jump in the water and let Harambe catch these hands!

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