"You’re Welcome Social Media!" – Black People

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I don’t think it’s a false statement to say that black people just make everything better. I mean, we are pretty damn amazing. Just think about what fashion, music, sports & most importantly, the peanut would be without our contributions!

Come on, we must be the shit because other racial groups stay stealing our culture…and a few hundred years ago…stealing us!

Therefore I think it is fair to say that like most things, we make social media better too.

I for one get endless amusement from the videos, memes, and posts made by people of color on various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook. Like many folks, I will find myself picking out caskets on Walmart’s website because I am ready for the hilarity to take me out at any moment.

Honestly, how many of these death-inducing “kikis” are from posts made by white people?

I’ll wait….

Exactly, we are funny as fuck!  We dominate the trending topics, we are the first to make memes out of movies & tv shows. We make the viral trends, we basically run this shit. Yeh white people had the ice bucket challenge, I will give them that. But who cares, black people don’t get ALS anyway. Lucious Lyon taught yall that! Holla at me when we are dumping ice on our heads in support of Lupus or Sickle Cell research!

When The Wiz: Live came out, this “journalist” got dragged to hell & back when she wrote an article about black twitter & how she couldn’t wait to see what we posted & how we are always on top of everything. As if we are white people’s clowns there to amuse them. YES Black people are funny as hell, but we are funny as hell while getting degrees, owning our own businesses, saving lives,etc. It’s just one of the MANY amazing things about us. So for her to make it seem like we are outchea’ shucking & jiving & cooning online was a slap in the face. Especially since she was black!

There have been many times whites have tried to infiltrate our online communities wanting to belong. But sadly, it’s just not for them. It’s #BlackTwitter , because it’s a pocket of a larger space that is only ours. If everyone else knows about it & wants to join, it takes the fun way. Though truth be told, we ARE Twitter, but that’s besides the point.

Black people have basically taken over every social media site out there. Well not FarmersOnly.com. White people can definitely have that one. But as for the others, we made what would otherwise be whack-ass, dull platforms and made them worth logging onto.

My fair-skinned brethren can be mad at this all they want, but where is the lie though? White people stay stealing our social media trends too! Just log onto to Vine & them pale thieves are basically on some “Anything you can do, I can do better” type shit! Always trying to one up us or “improve” on pre-existing material.

I’m sorry Becky, but nobody wants to hear about your love for Ovaltine during the sausage song, we just don’t! We also don’t need you giving your 2 cents on trending topics like #GrowingUpBlack …yes Amanda we know you may have gotten your ass beat for not taking the meat out the freezer too. However, we are all having  bonding moment about our blackness & shared experiences, so GIT!

If anything, white people make our stuff worse! It then gets to the point where once they get a hold of it, we no longer even want it anymore because it is played out and irrelevant. Like Stacey Dash.

Don’t get me wrong though. White people contribute a lot to social media. Not everyone can be super witty & creative & entertain the masses. Someone has to post racist ass articles supporting Trump or saying #AllLivesMatter & shit like that. I mean, you don’t see us trying to step on your toes with that do you white people? Ok then, stay in your lane Boo Boo!

If not, we are going to have to bring back BlackPlanet & AOL Black voices so we can cackle in private without your interference!!!


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