Don’t Be That Lonely Valentine’s Day Person On Facebook

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Now look, we all know that every year February comes around, and there are always two type of people on social media on Valentines Day. You are either the bitter poster or the overly happy poster bringing everyone down with your social media” boo loving.” We will get to the annoyingly happy hoes, in the next post. This post is for the lonely asshole, posting days before Valentine’s how you just don’t want to see all the V-day posts, and pics of flowers and candy. You spend at least a week leading up to Valentine’s day having a social media meltdown, trying to make sense of all your emotions surrounding a meaningless holiday, that people mostly use to get some ass or as an excuse to force their significant other to finally go out and do something nice for them, so that they can brag about it online and at the office.




Not only are “I don’t have a Valentine.” posts annoying, but they make you look dumb ass hell. What happened to all the #teamsingle people and the self proclaimed independent women and men who have hoes on speed dial? Why does Valentine’s day bring the bitch out of any male or female that doesn’t get a card? Are cards and flowers paying your bills? It seems like seeing people in love, and posting photos of cheap last minute drug store gifts makes being single unbearable, but why?

If getting something special on Valentine’s day is that important, why not just click on over to the Edible Arrangements website and send yourself something nice? They won’t judge you! Go to the movies, go to the spa, read a fucking book, do something, ANYTHING other than post social media statuses and memes about how dry your love life is. 


Just remember that tomorrow is the 15th (when all the candy goes on sale) and while many “couples” are celebrating Valentine’s Day today, tomorrow they will still be the same dysfunctional, unhappy couple that wishes they were single 75% of the time, and you will still be single, sleeping well every night because you don’t have to stay up wondering if your man or woman is out cheating, or depleting your bank account buying shoes, waist trainers and weave.

Being in love is a beautiful thing, and finding someone that makes you happy is amazing, but do you really think Valentine’s Day is worth putting up with more drama than you are obviously willing to take just for the opportunity to post photos or teddy bears and flowers?

You can go out right now and find a person more than willing to be fucked and disposed of, how many men and women are spending Valentine’s Day with someone they don’t even love? Get over yourself and have some damn dignity, nobody needs to know that you are lonely, all they are doing is laughing at you anyway.

Don’t be that lonely, bitter person on everyone’s newsfeed on Valentine’s Day, take the day to pamper yourself and enjoy your own company, because honestly, anyone that can see how much you hate your own company won’t want you anyway.  Don’t be bitter, be fabulous!

Sippers? Are you a bitter Valentine’s Day poster? If so, STOP THAT SHIT!

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