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One week into black history month and we already gotta sit another racist ass brand down! As if H&Ms “coolest monkey in the jungle” ad wasn’t enough to teach these people, Gucci took it up a notch and decided it was a good idea to release a black turtleneck top that literally could not look more like black face in sweater form.







The balaclava jumper is a black turtleneck sweater, that when pulled up over the mouth features a lip cutout outlined with bright red lipstick. 









Gucci has released an official “apology” and removed the sweater from  stores and their website.  









Fuck that dry ass apology, no mistakes were made, this wasn’t some oversight on Gucci’s behalf. You really have to wonder how something like this ever saw the light of day? Hell, according to Kanye West getting designs approved and in stores is a never ending process, so how did this sweater make it to the shelves? 

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