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Its official, American Horror Story is coming back for its ninth season. As many fans suspected Emma Roberts has been cast once again to be the bitch we all know and love, but what has everyone ready to cancel Ryan Murphy is his newest cast member, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy.


Yea we’ve never heard of him either, but a fan did a little wiki research and noticed that Gus has zero acting experience. 


It’s no secret that Ryan Murphy has a type but his fans are fed up and tired of seeing the same exact cookie cutter version of young, white, blonde, gay man being cast every season. At this point it’s as if Ryan is just browsing the Grindr app looking for the next guy he wants ass naked in his show.










Even with all of the diversity of his newest series Pose, Ryan couldn’t resist sliding in Evan Peters and my high school bae James Van Der Beek’s DMs to offer them each a role. 









Ryan only uses people of color when it is absolutely necessary. Cuba Gooding Jr got lucky as OJ Simpson in American Crime Story, but the follow up to the first season of American Crime Story focuses on the murder of Gianni Versace and it was really just episode after episode of cute white gays, doing cute white gay people stuff with a little murder sprinkled in to keep it interesting. 


Ryan is working his fans very last nerve but we keep watching because the shows are so fascinating. Still, we want more and the fans aren’t letting it go! 







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